Karrington & Company, A Certified 8(a) Company

A provider of Quality Modular and Relocatable Buildings


Karrington is a value added General Construction Management firm with more than 20 years of traditional and accelerated construction experience. Our creative and resourceful approach to exceeding customer expectations sets us apart from other providers, and leaves us highly regarded by our clients and counterparts within the industry. We tailor our resources to the unique needs of our clients, and you can be assured of the quality and professionalism that Karrington brings to the table.



Karrington also brings 15 years of commercial, residential and right of way real estate experience, which amounts to added value for our clients. Understanding that speed is critical to project success, Karrington strives to streamline the procurement process. We work tirelessly to be efficient in all phases of the project, and we endeavor to provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes from success.



Karrington was founded in 1997 to fulfill the diverse needs of the industry. Karrington is a leader in the construction and real estate industry. We help our clients every step of the way from concept to fully finished project. Our experience has taught us that to be the best, we must do more than just provide a service. We must listen, so that we can fully understand and anticipate a client's needs and present the best solutions.


Karrington's growth and success has been creating relationships through strategic alliances by providing quality services.


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