Karrington & Company, A Certified 8(a) Company

A provider of Quality Modular and Relocatable Buildings


Karrington & Company provides proven right-of-way support and acquisition services.

As right-of-way consultants, Karrington & Co. works closely with appraisers, engineers, attorneys and agency officials to provide support in the appraisals, negotiations, orders of taking, mediations, depositions and trials. This includes services for all phases of land acquisition including, project planning, preliminary title work, appraisal, appraisal review, negotiation, relocation, closing and property management.

Karrington & Co.’s Comprehensive Right of Way Services

Karrington & Co. understands that right-of-way acquisition projects impose major demands on public agency resources. Consulting in the multiple disciplines required for eminent domain activities, Karrington & Co. provides government agencies with support services to assist in developing financially sound solutions for residential, commercial and industrial real property acquisitions.

Karrington & Co.’s services include:

• Real Estate Acquisition
• Appriasal & Appraisal Review
• Relocation Assistance
• Administrative Approvals
• Project Management
• Move Planner